Beyond The Rink

In 2021, Discover was the Official Credit Card sponsor for PHF’s Bubble Season and the Isobel cup. When sponsors like Discover commit to the PHF, it is more than a sponsorship. It is the investment in the careers of hundreds of professional athletes and communities. Investing in The Premier Hockey Federation and its athletes is common sense. Hear from some of these trailblazing athletes of the PHF and their duality on and off the ice below and make a commitment to help grow and advance women's hockey.

Saroya Tinker

On and off the ice Saroya is a positive force for good. She found a passion for educating and empowering others through her mentorship program for young women. Hear how Saroya is inspiring the next generation of powerful women.

Mallory Souliotis

100% biochemist, 100% professional athlete. Whether she is in the lab, discovering breakthroughs in medical treatments, or helping her team in the Isobel Cup Final, Mallory is all about making choices that help her achieve her goals.

Emma Vlasic

In the world of professional hockey, the Vlasic name carries a lot of weight. Meet Emma, who is making a name for herself as a professional ice hockey player. Learn more about how Emma is inspiring the next generation of female hockey players.

Taylor Woods

Drive, perseverance, and fortitude are the attributes needed to be a small business owner as well as a professional weight-lifter and hockey player. Hear how Taylor Wood's pushes herself and others to be the best versions of themselves.

Madison Packer

On the ice, Madison is the Captain of the Metropolitan Riveters. Off of the ice, Madison co-captains her household. Hear Madison's story about how she stays on top of her game.